• 2pcs - Vishay BC(PHILIPS) MPR24 270K ohm 0.25W 0.1% 25ppm 250V Resistor

BCcomponents(PHILIPS) MPR24 0.1% 0.25W 25ppm 250V Resistor DATASHEET:http://www.vishay.com/docs/28727/mpr24.pdf dimension: D:2.5mm L:6.3mm Those high quality and precision resistors in our warehouse are PHILIPS(left, green surface) and Vishay BCcomponents(right, blue surface) available, which one would be delivered will vary, sorry for every inconvenience to you and thank you in advance for your kind understanding. Thank you. MPR24 Stocks
5R 5R6 6R 7R 7R5 8R 9R 9R53 10R
12R 15R 18R 19R 19R1 20R 22R 24R 24R9
25R 27R 30R 33R 35R 36R 39R 40R 43R
45R 47R 49R9 50R 51R 55R 56R 60R 64R9
65R 68R 70R 75R 80R 82R 86R6 90R 91R
95R3 100R 110R 115R 120R 121R 125R 130R 140R
141R 150R 160R 165R 169R 170R 174R 180R 190R
191R 200R 202R 210R 220R 222R 230R 232R 240R
249R 250R 260R 270R 274R 280R 287R 290R 294R
300R 309R 316R 330R 340R 350R 360R 374R 390R
400R 420R 430R 440R 442R 450R 464R 470R 475R
487R 499R 500R 510R 530R 536R 549R 550R 560R
590R 600R 620R 649R 650R 665R 680R 685R 690R
700R 715R 732R 750R 787R 800R 806R 820R 845R
866R 875R 900R 910R 931R 953R 1K 1K05 1K1
1K15 1K2 1K21 1K24 1K25 1K3 1K33 1K4 1K47
1K5 1K6 1K65 1K74 1K8 1K85 1K87 1K9 1K91
2K 2K1 2K15 2K2 2K21 2K24 2K32 2K4 2K49
2K5 2K67 2K7 2K74 2K8 2K87 3K 3K09 3K16
3K2 3K3 3K32 3K4 3K48 3K5 3K6 3K65 3K74
3K83 3K9 4K 4K02 4K17 4K3 4K32 4K5 4K53
4K64 4K7 4K75 4K87 4K99 5K 5K1 5K11 5K23
5K32 5K5 5K6 5K9 6K 6K2 6K34 6K42 6K5
6K65 6K8 6K81 6K98 7K 7K15 7K32 7K5 7K87
8K 8K06 8K2 8K25 8K66 9K 9K1 9K31 9K35
9K53 9K59 9K87 10K 10K5 10K7 11K 11K3 11K5
12K 12K1 12K4 12K5 12K7 13K 13K3 14K 14K7
15K 16K 16K5 16K9 17K4 18K 18K7 19K 19K1
19K3 19K6 19K8 20K 22K 22K1 22K6 24K 24K9
25K 27K 27K4 29K4 30K 30K2 32K 33K 33K2
34K 34K8 35K 36K 36K5 39K 40K 40K2 41K2
41K7 43K 45K 46K87 47K 47K5 48K7 49K9 50K
51K 53K6 55K 56K 60K 62K 63K4 65K 68K
70K 75K 75K2 80K 80K6 82K 85K 86K6 90K
91K 93K1 95K3 97K6 100K 105K 110K 120K 121K
125K 130K 140K 150K 160K 169K 179K 180K 190K
196K 200K 215K 220K 222K 226K 240K 246K 249K
250K 270K 274K 300K 316K 330K 332K 340K 350K
365K 383K 390K 400K 430K 450K 470K 475K 487K
493K 499K 500K 510K 560K 600K 620K 650K 680K
700K 750K 787K 800K 820K 866K 899K 900K 910K
1M 1M11
☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆※We have specialized in audio and electronic components business for over 30 years. All of the goods are located in Taiwan, and we will deliver goods via Taiwanese post office(ChungHwa Post) in order to save cost of shipment for our worldwide customers, therefore you may receive products about 8-30 days, thanks in advance for your patience. If there is any question, please inform us, we will answer for you ASAP. Thank you. ※ restricts the quantity of purchase. If you need to purchase more quantities, please inform us, we will solve it for you. Thank you. See all other our auctions:All auctionsPage "about me"

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2pcs - Vishay BC(PHILIPS) MPR24 270K ohm 0.25W 0.1% 25ppm 250V Resistor

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